A Nose Job

THE SETUP: For this trick, use any nose and any metal teaspoon. Heat the bowl of a spoon either by rubbing it in your hand or placing it in a cup of hot liquid. When the spoon is warm, tilt back your head just slightly and let the bowl of the spoon run down the top of your nose with the handle hanging down. As you return your head to its normal position, the spoon will stick to the end of your nose and hang there. Some people have been known to "hang spoon" for several hours. Good "spoon hangers" can talk and even laugh during the experience.
THE FIX: We honestly don't know why this trick works. We think the spoon sticks because the heat from the metal causes the tissues of the nose to swell and conform to the shape of the spoon. But we are only guessing.
This is a stunt that some people can do the first time they try it. Others have to practice a few times before they ket the "knack." If you aren't one of the lucky first-timers, continue rubbing the bowl to heat it stroking the spoon down the top of your nose. The effort is well worth it, for this is a mysterious and amusing stunt that is guaranteed to make you noticed in any restaurant.

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BET YOU CAN! Science Possibilities to Fool You
By Vicki Cobb and Kathy Darling

Nose Job
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