Science That's Fun to Teach

A one-day workshop for teacher of grades K-8 with lots of hands-on activities. Vicki can handle between 60-80 teachers. At the end of the day teachers will have gained the following:

  •  Direct experience with fun-filled, science related "quickies" guaranteed to grab kids' attention.
  • Practice in designing experiments with ordinary things that can be immediately applied to classroom use.
  • Hands-on experience with a science experiment that demonstrates how to use empiricism to answer questions.
  • An introduction to Vicki Cobb's books as a classroom resource.


    Webinar and Videoconferencing -- one-hour inservice sessions now available:

    "Science That's Fun to Read and Teach"

    Here's what participants said about Vicki's Webinar:

    • Already I have plans to incorporate more science into the library's story hours and school-age programming.
    • I am planning programs utilizing the info and her books. I felt that the info provided was very clear in helping me to do this.
    • I will add discovery of the natural world to develop programs and encourage children to keep asking questions!
    • I love to use "science" experiments in my preschool story times, but I have been reluctant to actually explain the science concepts. Ms. Cobb's web seminar has taught me that I can successfully incorporate not only the fun experiments, but also the educational science as well - they are not too young!
    • Science interest seems to be high in my town, so I may use them in a program in the spring.
    • New ideas to incorporate into my library program "Mad Scientists". She also gave me quite a bit more confidence in my abilities to present science in a fun, hands-on way to kids at my library.
    • Many children come to the branch I work at for personal homework help and for assistance with the Science Fair. I will be suggesting some of the simple experiments recommended by Vicki Cobb for the kids to utilize for their presentations.
    • I will be planning to use some of the ideas in story times for the preschool age i.e. the wind ideas along with picture books that fit the theme, i.e. Who Took the Farmer's Hat, etc.
    • I hope to be able to incorporate some of the things I learned into summer reading program next summer.
    • I plan to present an after-school science program.