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Wanna try and fight with air pressure

and see how real it is? Try this challenge

from How Could We Harness a Hurricane?


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Updated & Revised

in 2016

A fun science project you can do in your kitchen




Why does a rolling
ball stop rolling?

This is an excerpt from What's the Big Idea?



Your body doesn’t take illness or injury lying down!

See For Yourself
How does a sneeze protect you?

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See For Yourself
How do your ears funnel sound?

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See For Yourself
What makes you stop bleeding after you skin your knee?

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See For Yourself
How does your body start to rebuild a broken bone?

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See For Yourself
What is the monster in your mouth that causes cavities?

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See For Yourself
How do your guts react to a virus?

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Why do scientists love science? Marie Curie knew how it felt. Read the beginning of Vicki's biography of this world-class scientist.
This is an excerpt from Marie Curie: A Photographic Story of a Life. Published by DK Books, 2008

Learn a trick similar to the disappearing coin, the first one Houdini mastered as a kid.
This activity is from Harry Houdini: A Photographic Story of a Life. Published by DK Books, 2005

Discover fascinating scientific secrets about some of your favorites:

Check out something new for 3 - 5 year olds.

See For Yourself If you were blind, how quickly would you learn to feel your way around? Would it be easier to do some things than others?

Here are some tests fromSee For Yourself: More Than 100 Experiments for Science Fairs

and Projects,illustrated by Dave Klug.

Meet Grandmother See what my granddaughter, Abby, thinks is exciting about my work.

Here's the opening page ofMeet My Grandmother: She's a Children's Book Author,by Lisa Tucker McElroy (with the help of Abigail Jane Cobb), photographs by Joel Benjamin.

Open Your Eyes: Discovering Your Sense of Sight completes this wonderful series on Discovering Your Senses.illustrated by Cynthia C. Lewis.

Do some easy activities to discover an amazing fact about each of your five senses.

Sources of Forces Want to get the taste of electricity? Make a battery with your tongue.

Here's an activity fromSources of ForcesIllustrated by Steve Haefele.

Whirlers and Twirlers Try making your own spinning top.

Here's an activity fromWhirlers and TwirlersIllustrated by Steve Haefele.

Squirts and Spurts If you enjoy squirting water, try this challenge next time you take a bath.

It's an excerpt fromSquirts and SpurtsIllustrated by Steve Haefele.

Bangs and Twangs Discover how you can get into the noise business just using your body.

Here's an excerpt fromBangs and Twangs Illustrated by Steve Haefele.

Fool Yourself Discover how to make your money grow!

An illusion fromHOW TO REALLY FOOL YOURSELF Illustrated by Jessica Wolk-Stanley

You Gotta Try Here's a coin flip trick you can't lose!

FromYOU GOTTA TRY THIS! -Absolutely Irresistible Science .Illustrated by True Kelley

Don't Try at Home See the secret markings on license plates,

An activity fromDON'T TRY THIS AT HOME: Science Fun for Kids on the Go ,Illustrated by True Kelley

Bet You Can How to get noticed at any restaurant,

A fun activity fromBET YOU CAN! Science Possibilities to Fool You Illustrated by Stella Ormai.

Blood and Gore

How does your blood deliver oxygen to every cell in your body?

An amazing picture of blood cells fromBLOOD AND GORE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN

Dirt and Grime

What makes a kitchen sponge smell?

FromDIRT & GRIME LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN a companion to Blood and Gore.

This Place is Wild Where and when is your shadow as small as it can ever be?

Discover the answer in this excerpt fromTHIS PLACE IS WILD: EAST AFRICA Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee

This Place is Cold How does an Alaskan winter feel?

An excerpt fromTHIS PLACE IS COLD .Illustrated by Barbara Lavallee

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