Just about all of the art I do is work for hire, where all rights and ownership get signed over to the client who hired me. So I have no problem signing a contract from the client for that purpose or I can supply my own contract to clients that want one.

I quote jobs anticipating the amount of work involved, needing to get at least $25.00 per hour. I can be paid through paypal or by check. I typically get a first rough sketch off within a couple days and once a final sketch is approved I proceed to finished art.

I supply full contact information and exact dates as to when clients should expect to receive artwork in the progression of a project. (ie. initial sketch, revisions, final art etc.) And throughout the process clients can give feedback and art direction to make sure the end result is what they want.

I provide artwork through email and through electrionic file transfer as well as on media. Most often I provide native Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files or in other industry standard image formats. I can also ship original artwork done with traditional techniques anywhere that it would need to be.

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