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Name:                                                                    School:


Grade Level:


What kind of reading assignments do you give kids? 


How important do you feel it is for every kid in your class to read the same assignment on a topic? 



Do you feel you MUST teach from the textbook? 


If so, why? 


Do you have a required textbook for teaching social studies or science?  


If so, have you ever gone to the library and looked for additional books on the content you have to teach? 


Have you ever used a trade (library) book on the same subject instead of the text? 


If so, why? 



How closely do you coordinate what you are teaching with your school librarian? 


Does she pull books for you?              Does she come to you or do you go to her? 



Do you find ways to have kids read different books on a topic and share their experiences in class projects and discussions? 


If so, what are your strategies?




How proficient do you feel in your knowledge of children’s nonfiction literature in the subjects you have to teach? 


Would you find professional development in this area useful? 



How can we authors help to bring quality nonfiction to your classrooms?  (This is for both teachers and librarians.)




Send your responses to email@vickicobb.com