Discovering Your Senses

Click on any book to discover an amazing fact about that sense.

Perk Up Your Ears How good is your hearing?

Test yourself and the members of your family with this activity fromPerk Up Your Ears: Discover Your Sense of Hearingillustrated by Cynthia C. Lewis.

Feeling Your Way How tough are you? Discover how much pain you can stand in this injury-free contest that will test you and your friends.

Here's an activity fromFeeling Your Way: Discover Your Sense of Touch,Illustrated by Cynthia C. Lewis

Follow Your Nose Could you recognize your mother by using just your nose? Here's a test you can do.

An activity fromFOLLOW YOUR NOSE: Discover Your Sense of Smell. Illustrated by Cynthia C. Lewis

Tongue Can Tell Discover how your mouth can change something that's not sweet into something that is.

An activity fromYOUR TONGUE CAN TELL: Disuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjhunnnnnnnnnncover Your Sense of Taste. Illustrated by Cynthia C. Lewis

Did you know that the earliest reflex ever discovered is in your eye?

Discover the amazing pupil reflex with this activity fromOPEN YOUR EYES: Discover Your Sense of Sight. Illustrated by Cynthia C. Lewis