This list will grow as you send in videos. Keep checking this page for new ones. Email Vicki Cobb if you have questions and to tell her what you are working on.

A Breathtaking Chance Blood Tells Keeping the Lids On Stop the Drop
A Gas Bomb Blowing Up Toilet Paper Knead a Balloon Strong Arm Tactics
A Nose Job Blowout Proof Lite Detector The Odds Against Blowing Up
A Nut Case Clip Joint Make a Sucker of Suckers The Self-Painting Picture
A Plastic Explosion Cosmic Sand Map Your Microwave The Strong Silent Type
A Quick Comedown Electronic Spit Memorable Plastic Totally Tasteless
A Square Egg Erupting Soap Not a Burning Question Water on a Tightrope
A Tongue Lashing Feeling the Heat Nothing to Sneeze At Write Wrong
An Antistretching Workout Foot Feat Out of Touch with Reality. Uplifting Experience
An Inside Job Financial Support Only By a Thread.. Vampire Fire
Anti-Gravity Gizmo Forced Entry Protective Covering  
Bad Taste Genes Getting Down Soda Fountain  
Bewitching Frogs Grab Bag Grabber Spooky Surveillance  
Bionic Arm Hot Stuff Spring Flowers  
Blood on Your Hands  

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